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Hello and welcome to Borrowing Freedom's  home website. Here you will find out
something about us, learn about Equestrian Therapy, which is working
w/individuals with the use of a horse for Autistic individuals, drug & alcohol
issues, emotional & behavioral issues, domestic violence & sexual abuse, mental
illnesses such as bipolar, ADHD and so forth.  We also offer trail riding, riding
lessons and birthday parties too.  Visit our horse family and check out the past
and present events. I am always updating our site, so if a site is not altogether,
please be patient as it is only me trying to do it all, which is normal hehehe.
Please look around at the other links and have a great time and if you have any
suggestions, comments, or questions please feel free to contact us @ the number
above or send email.


Come ride horses with us and Borrow some
! Ride for an hour, 2 hours or all
day for that matter. You'll be glad you did!!
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&  Lodging

We are on the front cover OFF ROAD November 2009 issue.
& like 6-8 pages inside.
yeppee yahoo!!

Even more news...
Tony our shetland pony is a star in a movie, called "Little Horses" filmed in Curwensville,
PA. He is playing the part of an OLD, DEAF, and BLIND  pony. We will keep you posted.
Tony was so excited that he got himself prepared to look the part by rolling in some
BURDOCKS...we call then hitchhikers, he really looked the part!!

The director and film maker...
No CORN-MAZE for 2015
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Borrowing Freedom's newest addition to the family of horses...Stallion at Stud

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This site is going to go through a major overhaul. Just the thought of
redoing this site is SO overwhelming and where do i start... Pictures are
outdated ever since I joined Facebook in Nov. 2009, as it was so much
easier to upload photos there, daily i might add, and have instant
access. Phone,  address, and email are all current though. below is our
facebook pages...